Thursday, 14 October 2010

PaRtY PeRFecTs

6 basic considerations in planning your dream party:

1) allot enough time for planning and budgeting
-establish a reasonable and realistic budget
-don't go overboard on party essentials

2) pick a date and time that is favourable to most of your guests
-saturdays are popular for parties and wedding, and night is preferred for wedding banquets

3)choose a theme
-a colour, scheme, icon or inspiration will bring your party to life

4)select your venue
-choose a place to match your theme, guest list and budget
-consider proximity, driving routes and shortcuts, and time to avoid rush-hour traffic jams and inconveniencing your guests

5) prepare a good programme and coordinate properly with emcees, performers and other people you've asked for help
-keep the programme upbeat and smooth-flowing

6)find good supplies who are known for qualilty service
-ask friends for referrals and compare prices
-communicate your plans and requirements well so they meet your standards

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