Thursday, 14 October 2010


Here's a great solution to indigestion-prevent it  in the first place!!!

Tip 1:Chew to the count to 10
-you may think the digestive process begins in the stomach, but it doesn't-it actually starts in the mouth
-take time to chew your food

Tip 2: eye - ball your portions
-cutting down on portion size will actually do more than help you lose weight

Tip 3: Frequent, smaller meals
-for breakfast, have an omelette with lots of veggies!

Tip 4: Hold the water!
-drinking a lots of water while eating dilutes the stomach acids and leads to poor digestion
-if you have to take medications with our meals, limit the amount of water you wash those tablets down with

Tip 5: What time is dinner?
-many of us have dinner much later than we should and end up going to bed on a full stomach..bad idea!!!
-ideally, your last meal should be about three hours before bedtimes..

Tip 6: Up the fibre!!!
-not only does dietary fibre prevent constipation, it helps maintain the good bacteria in your stomach and can help lower cholestrol levels
-fibre supplements are useful if you travel frequently and do not always consume fibrous food

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