Friday, 15 October 2010

fmlyy forever....

only like to publish my fmly and me...
who am i, they there are me fmly...
 first time take picture with full fmily...hehehheh

 fwen djah..

Thursday, 14 October 2010

dean's award...

dean's award for the exam when i n my friend in part 1..
syukran i can get it, and  its not for me but to my parents as well as i can see they hepy with me...

in part 2, i also get dean's award... and i  hope this semester i can happy my parents eventhough i'm very very busy for the JPK n CLASS RAP for 2 semester.....AMIN...



yesterday, i with my group JPK INDERA SAKTI have been presented activities college. With this project, i have sleep at 5 am n class for next morning is 8 am...very very tired..on thursday, i have class on 8 am but i go to class 9 am...sory MADAM ZUHANA for i coming late...i appreciate with you teach me in this semester <BBM 110>....

PRESENTATION is quite good..tq very much to my RS CIK NOR RASHIDAH ISMAIL which help me a lot to prepare documentation anda report.. also to my president that present the activities college..

now i can rest and focus more to final paper and this night  TEST CSC.... n JPK INDERA  MULIA tq with your sporting..wish me good luck fwens....


Here's a great solution to indigestion-prevent it  in the first place!!!

Tip 1:Chew to the count to 10
-you may think the digestive process begins in the stomach, but it doesn't-it actually starts in the mouth
-take time to chew your food

Tip 2: eye - ball your portions
-cutting down on portion size will actually do more than help you lose weight

Tip 3: Frequent, smaller meals
-for breakfast, have an omelette with lots of veggies!

Tip 4: Hold the water!
-drinking a lots of water while eating dilutes the stomach acids and leads to poor digestion
-if you have to take medications with our meals, limit the amount of water you wash those tablets down with

Tip 5: What time is dinner?
-many of us have dinner much later than we should and end up going to bed on a full stomach..bad idea!!!
-ideally, your last meal should be about three hours before bedtimes..

Tip 6: Up the fibre!!!
-not only does dietary fibre prevent constipation, it helps maintain the good bacteria in your stomach and can help lower cholestrol levels
-fibre supplements are useful if you travel frequently and do not always consume fibrous food

PaRtY PeRFecTs

6 basic considerations in planning your dream party:

1) allot enough time for planning and budgeting
-establish a reasonable and realistic budget
-don't go overboard on party essentials

2) pick a date and time that is favourable to most of your guests
-saturdays are popular for parties and wedding, and night is preferred for wedding banquets

3)choose a theme
-a colour, scheme, icon or inspiration will bring your party to life

4)select your venue
-choose a place to match your theme, guest list and budget
-consider proximity, driving routes and shortcuts, and time to avoid rush-hour traffic jams and inconveniencing your guests

5) prepare a good programme and coordinate properly with emcees, performers and other people you've asked for help
-keep the programme upbeat and smooth-flowing

6)find good supplies who are known for qualilty service
-ask friends for referrals and compare prices
-communicate your plans and requirements well so they meet your standards